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The work is done by staff mumbers plus with partners.

Where the nature of work entails that we outsource support services we ensure professionalism and integrity of all the partners with whom we work.  We have a widely established network of highly skilled partners and experts in the different fields.


Our skills relating to this work

Overall experience: our extensive knowledge of the South African schools system, through experiences and interactions with the relevant authorities ensures our versatility with all education related matters.

We have also attended various International and local conferences discussing matters ranging from special needs and inclusion, HIV/AIDS and other social aspects. Our latest involvement was participation at the African Union 2nd Decade of Education (June 2006) conference where we reported on the working group on Gender and Culture.

Cultural: we understand the livelihood of many South Africans and how it impacts their perceptions on different matters of their interest due to our varied interaction with communities in various work projects and environments.

Language: we have a nationwide network of support staff and hence no communication barrier in terms of language exists.

Operational: we have advanced computer knowledge that adds value to our work, assuring reporting quality and ensuring any information acquired through our work is resourceful and useful for decision-making.